As part of its activities, LINET has endeavoured to ensure the broadest possible application of the principles of socially responsible business for many years. At local level, the firm primarily focuses on support for education and employment and the overall development of the Slánský region. For example, LINET works very closely with secondary schools – the company’s doors are open to students who are interested in work experience, and not infrequently these students start work here after completing their education. Employees also receive maximum support from company management in voluntary activities, when organising fund-raising events, etc.

At national level, LINET focuses on cooperation on projects helping people suffering from a medical or other disadvantage, and their families.

Cooperation with the Bariéry Account

In 2012, the LINET corporate fund was established under the patronage of the Bariéry Account. The support drawn from this fund is primarily intended for the purchase of rehabilitation and assistance aids. In addition to this, as part of cooperation, LINET provides material donations in the form of beds or discounts and discounted leasing of equipment on an ongoing basis.

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Cooperation with the Kapka Naděje Foundation

LINET has been working with the Kapka Naděje Foundation since 2004 in the form of co-financing the purchase of beds and associated equipment manufactured by LINET for selected medical facilities.  LINET currently provides the foundation with a 20% discount on its products. The Kapka Naděje Foundation focuses on helping children with blood-formation dysfunctions, with cancer or illnesses requiring bone marrow transplants.

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