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  • Control Costs and Increase Safety in your Health Care Institution


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Our services

We understand that safety and reliability are a priority in medical facilities and that legal compliances must be met. We know the importance of cash flow control from a cost reduction perspective. Based on our experience, we have prepared a service contract program that is beneficial for our customers.

Our offer contains a completely carefree warranty and post-warranty service. It includes periodic preventive maintenance of the equipment, spare parts distribution, repairs and other support. Services are provided both on an ad hoc basis and under a maintenance contract.



Gain the Benefits of Authorized LINET Services

Gain a complex solution from one provider

LINET provides you not only with healthcare products and solutions designed for different medical units, but also after sales care. We build trustful relationships all over the world, based on a long-term cooperation.

Extend the life of your products and ensure maximum safety for your patients

Our After Sales Services are designed to maximize the benefits of a facility’s investment by maintaining the technologically advanced functionality of our products. Regular checks and diagnostics ensure safety for patients and caregivers and provides your facility legal compliance.

Gain control over your cash flow

Our service programs give you control over your cash flow and enable you to optimize and better manage spending on services.

Customized service level agreement that suits your needs

A complete LINET solution provides you with a wide range of service contracts from preventive maintenance to 5-star full service. We flexibly set the cooperation with our customers in order to provide them with the most customized support in emergency situations.

Reliability of products thanks to genuine spare parts for a special price

Our products are made from original parts, therefore we guarantee their quality. All of the parts and technologies used are tested and functional to provide maximum safety when using the beds, mattresses and other products. This guarantees that all legal requirements will be met.

Gain the highest quality service

It is provided by experienced engineers from our factory and development team. LINET engineers are periodically trained to provide our customers with the best possible services. Experienced service providers are also ready to arrange professional installation and staff training directly in your medical unit.

Contract details

Choose the maintenance contract for your facility which suits you best. Find the best combination of Periodical Preventive Maintanance, Repairs and Spare Parts.

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LINET Service Contract in action

Learn how Service Contract program helped in daily operations in Home for the Elderly and Nursing Services, Žatec, in the Czech Republic.