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The safe gaps concept reduces the risk of patient entrapment and associated injuries.

The Ergoframe® positioning system extends the space in the pelvic area. Tissue compression and the development of pressure ulcers in this area is significantly reduced.

The X-ray translucent mattress platform enables integrated X-ray examination or C-arm scanning.

The cardiac chair position is easily adjusted using a single button on the supervisor control panel. In this sitting position, the vital lung capacity increases and gaseous change improves.

The variable side rails can provide complete falls protection for some patients. The eleganza protector at the foot end can help to prevent falls for confused patients in accordance with the individual risk assesssment.

The automatic integrated scales indicate the actual weight of the patient, changes in time and includes a system for the addition or removal of accessories.

Unbraked beds can cause falls so the unique i-brake feature will automatically activate the brakes when the bed is plugged into electricity

The unique Mobi-Lift handles with bed height controls assist with safer mobilisation and active involvement of the patient.

The practical foot controls allow an easy handsfree bed height adjustment allowing healthcare staff to create optimal access to the patient for hygiene needs, wound care and examinations.

A retractable 5th castor helps to manoeuvre the bed during transportation and can be retracted into the chassis when not in use.

Technical features

Outer dimensions (Side rails up)

223 x 105 cm
Mattress platform extension 0 / 8 / 17 cm
Recommended mattress size 208 x 86 cm
Max. mattress height 23 cm
Bed height 40 - 78 cm
Maximum backrest angle 70°
Maximum thigh rest angle 30°
Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg position 13°/13°
Height of side rails (above mattress platform) 45 cm
Weight (basic equipment) 138 kg
Safe working load 250 kg
Lifting pole bearing capacity 75 kg

Height adjustment motors

TR/ATR tilt adjustment motors

Backrest adjustment motor

Thighrest adjustment motor

Calfrest mechanical ratchet

Bed extension mechanical way

  • Height adjustment motorsTR/ATR tilt adjustment motors
  • Backrest adjustment motor
  • Thighrest adjustment motor
  • Calfrest mechanical ratchet
  • Bed extension mechanical way
  • Plastic split side rails with integrated controls
  • Safe gap concept (entrapment prevention)
  • 4-section mattress platform
  • Ergoframe®
  • Removable plastic covers + non-removable HPL covers
  • X-ray translucent design
  • The column unit is patented
  • The bed's unique construction base provides great stability and guarantees continued functionality when loaded to 250 kg (safe working load).
  • Mobi-Lift handles
  • 4 castors ⌀150 mm Tente Integral
  • 4 double castors ⌀150 mm
  • Tente Integral (O)
  • Central castors control adjustable from 4 points
  • Retractable 5th castor i-drive (O)
  • Automatic brake i-brake (O)
  • Removable plastic bed ends
  • E3 design
  • Head and foot end with safety locks

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