Technical features

Outer dimensions (without eating board)

50 x 51.5 cm
Eating board dimensions (edgeto edge) 59 x 33.7 cm
Table height (totop surface) 88.5 cm
Heightof eating board (castors diam. 7.5cm) 73 –106 cm
Max. loadof eating board (inthe centre) 9 kg
Castors 7.5 cm
Weight 35 kg

  • The plastic, water resistant organisers can be taken out of the metal holding frame.

  • The tilting mechanism of the eating board allows easy manipulation and adjustment.

  • The top surface also serves as a holding rail for positioning the table. Both sides have raised edges that prevent objects from falling off the surface.

  • The bedside cabinet is also equipped with a towel holder on the side, which is close at hand for the patient.

  • Integrated plastic holder for three bottles.
  • Only with the model without a eating board.    

  • The classic model without a eating board includes a magazine and document holder in the body.




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