The Eleganza Sito transport and rest chair offers patient comfort and, thanks to easy manipulation and the variety of adjustments, also helps staff.

Technical features

model R1 R2
Width 61cm 66 cm
Length 74 cm 74 cm
Heigh 112 cm 112 cm
Weight 21 kg 22 kg

model A B
Width 67 cm 68 cm
Length 79 cm 76 cm
Heigh 112 cm 119 cm
Weight 28 kg 32 kg

model C/D
Width 76 cm
Length 95 cm
Min. height 125 cm
Max. height 154 cm
Back rest adjustment 12°–45°
Weight 58 kg

Max. safe working load of chair is 135 kg

Pricing information

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ISO 9001


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