LINET UK facilitate bed and mattress rentals across the UK; ranging from ad-hoc homecare customers to large acute contracts. Utilising in house decontamination centres and a fleet of install/collect staff, the turnaround process is controlled and efficient.

LINET Group offers a range of effective product rental and decontamination solutions customized to meet the needs of patients, care givers and your healthcare facility.

“We recognise that our customers are under more and more pressure

to reduce costs everyday. LINET UK rental and decontamination

solutions for beds and pressure area care products represent a very

cost effective, flexible and fast alternative for our customers to obtain                                          

the products their patients need without capital investment.                                            

We have a large fleet of beds and mattresses available for rent

everyday from our service centres around the country. We employ

state of the art decontamination processes to ensure our products are

always safe to use for patients and their care givers.

Our engineering teams ensure our rental products are always up to

date and in the best operational condition and use modern bar coding

technology to track the products on their journey through the rental


Leslie Smith

Managing Director UK & Ireland




Visit us on: https://rental.linetgroup.com/

Service available 24hrs, Ready to support 24/7/365!!

RentLine is the LINET Group exclusive software that enables our customers to manage their orders, control fleet utilisation and download usage and statistical reports on line. Complete product traceability is also available on line

Featured functionalities some of the highlighted features:

  •  No installation needed.
  •  authorised users only. Different access levels.
  •  User friendly interface with clear procedures.
  •  Produces digital documentation.
  •  Real time reports on utilisation and order processes.
  •  Orders, transfers between services, service calls, cancellations.
  •  Complete and customisable reports, export to excel files, csv and pdf.
  •  Quick Guide for scales Norton, Braden and Waterlow selection.
  •  Clinical studies section available by profile type.
  •  Secure connection and data protection.
  • Virtual warehouses for quick reaction times. (Stand-by buffer) “And much more. Contact your local agent and without commitment, we will show you how our complete solution can make it
  • much easier to control pressure ulcers in your organisation and have the budget under control"




  • If you would like to make an enquiry, please contact Customer Services on 0844 248 1833 or [email protected] 

For the Rentals Brochure please click the link below: