The Story of Tom the Bear

We deliver beds which are completely adapted to the needs of small patients to hospitals. We know that spending time in a hospital can be very stressful for children. This is why Tom the Bear was created, he does his best to make children happy and conjure up smiles on their faces by distributing colouring books, crayons and balloons.

He is a friend who visits every night to sing and play, and stays with the child while Mom is away. In the morning, when the children awake, they look for him everywhere. Was it a dream? It couldn’t be, he was with me in this room. Then they see the red balloon.

Our TOM 2 bed for children

Tom the Bear actually appears on our children’s bed that shares his name. The Tom 2 bed has been designed for children and is a perfect combination of functionality, ergonomics and safety for little patients. The transparent ends of the bed allow the child patient constant contact with their surroundings, parents and hospital staff.

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Would you like to improve the children’s experience of staying in the hospital? Register your hospital or department and receive one of our original gifts.

Tom’s cheer up package

The children’s package includes colouring books, crayons and balloons.